Professional Aluminium Specialists

Professional Aluminium Experts

Low Priced Aluminium is a Cape Town based company specializing in professional aluminium services.

25+ Years Experience

We’ve been in the aluminium industry for 25+ years and counting. Rest assured with Low Priced Aluminium’s extensive experience, your aluminium project will be in expert hands.

Great Customer Service

We at Low Priced Aluminium want South Africa to have a trustworthy source for all their aluminium needs. To raise the standards in the aluminium industry with sound business practices, innovative use of new technology, and through feedback from our customers to develop the best customer service experiences.

Best Prices

Whenever you work with Low Priced Aluminium, we want you to know you’re getting a great deal. The Low Priced Aluminium Best Price is your guarantee that you’re never paying too much for any of our aluminium projects.


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